These ways will help you to iron the clothes while the iron is suddenly out of order.

The iron is an essential item in every family. Someday, your iron is suddenly out of order or you forget to bring the mini iron with you when going holiday… what should you do now? In the time being, how do you do with a suit to the important meeting or a dress on a date?

Take relax, with these 8 tips, you will not have to worry anymore as your shirt or dress will be ironed quickly.

1. A hair straightener

This way is extremely useful when you want to iron part of collar or sleeve that is wrinkled. You pay attention to set the average temperature to avoid burning clothes. Then, you just need to be clipped between the hair straightener and iron as the hair.

A small note is that you need to make sure the hair straightener is not sticky any hair products and dust to prevent damage to clothes.

2. The mixture of water and vinegar

You do not believe that vinegar can do it, aren’t you? But it is completely true. With formula of 1 part vinegar and 3 parts water, you can spray this mixture onto part of wrinkle clothes. After that, you wait the clothes for drying completely and you will satisfy with your achievement.

3. Hair dryer

Has your iron just broken? You can use a hair dryer instead. First, you have to pour a little of water into the clothes to moisten it. Now, you stretch it out and keep the clothes as straight as possible. Then, you use hair dryer to dry the clothes from the top to bottom.

After few seconds, when your clothes are dry, it’s time for wrinkle parts on clothes disappear.

4. Bathroom

When you take a shower, you can hang the clothes near the shower so that the clothes can absorb hot steam. However, you must make sure your clothes are not being wet by water. When the clothes are bathed in the hot steam, the wrinkle parts will be smoothness and disappearance.

5. A pot

You know, the bottom of a metal pot can also be used as an useful iron. If you do not believe, you can try to boil a half pot of water or pour hot water into the pot. Then, you spray a little of cold water on crumpled section of clothes. Now, you slowly apply the bottom of the pot into the clothes. A hot bottom of pot will quickly remove any wrinkles on clothes.

Note that you should select the type of metal pot with clean bottom, no rust. Otherwise it will cause some trouble for you.

6. The kettle

Trust me, a hot kettle can also iron your outfit. First of all, you boil a kettle of water until it appears steam. You hold your clothes on this smoke. Note that you should hold your clothes away the kettle around 20 cm to catch the hottest steam.

You will be extremely surprised with the iron effect of the kettle.

7. Wet towels – it helps clothes smoothness

First, you wash bath towel with warm water, then you apply this towel to clothes and use your hands straight on towel surface.

After a few minutes, the clothes will not be crumpled anymore, you can bring it out the sun to dry.

8. Cold ice

You put some crumpled clothes and some ices into the washing machine and set the drying mode at high temperatures in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, ices are melting and turning into steam and it will remove all the wrinkles out of your clothes.

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